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The logic behind discounting meals is simple - empty tables don’t make money. Restaurants offer a discount to customers to drive traffic into the restaurant during quieter periods. By offering discounts through us, a third party, they ensure they are not devaluing their brand.

We create every restaurant a beautiful, informative profile and a Video Tour (copyright to the restaurant to use on their website and social media platforms) to showcase their premises. We do not charge restaurants, there are no contracts to sign and we don’t lock them into anything (there are no minimum terms to worry about). Every use of the app in the restaurant is fully tracked, so we can provide analytics on use and offer solutions to increase the volume of traffic even further.

So, if you own, manage or work in a restaurant, we’d love to hear from you. We add between 15-20 new restaurants per week to our platform - if you’d like to suggest one please let us know!

Video Tours

Enjoy Stevie is the only discount platform offering beautiful, 4K videos to ALL our restaurant partners, as standard. We brand the video with your logo, then give you the copyright.

Be one of the 87% of online marketers who use video. Why not upload it to your website and social media accounts? Don’t get left behind.