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Our Corporate Subscription Plans

10 - 500 memberships £5.99/Yearly 501 - 2,500 memberships £2.99/Yearly 2,501 + memberships £0.99/Yearly

Corporate / Employee Plan

Annual membership
  • £10 Turtle Bay gift card
  • Immediate access to all deals
  • Food & Drink discounts nationwide
  • 50% off food deliveries
  • Save an average of 25% against the box office
  • Online retail discounts and much more
  • Everything available up to 7 days a week
  • Free personal digital membership card in-app
  • New discounts always being added

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The Customer 👇

Engage Existing Customers

It's always more honourable and easier to win customers over and give them a desire for your products before rushing to get their money. Customers are the soul of any business, so adding something extra to their experience throughout the year is a good place to start.

At Stevie, we provide our customers with exclusive discounts, and I'm not talking about Argos or Amazon vouchers."Our customers have access to money-saving discounts with great brands that they can use again and again.

Improve Retention Rates

The best customer experience leaves a lasting impression. It helps strengthen the relationship with the customer and encourages repeat business. Offering rewards makes renewal more attractive and can tie the customer to your brand for longer periods of time.

Stevie focuses on adding value to your company through discounts that are exclusive to you, keeping the customer always on the lookout for more.

Improve Customer Acquisition

An effective customer acquisition strategy is essential to the success of any company. Without it, growth is much slower. Being able to attract and convert new customers is vital to the health of businesses.

At Stevie, we love to make our customers happy! We run our business on kindness, our customer service is top-notch, and our marketing draws in a quality customer that spends.


By partnering with Stevie, you will make your brand more visible to a wide audience continuously. We will add your corporate brand to various marketing approaches, such as email marketing and web pages, to ensure your company stays relevant online.


The Employee 👇

Value Your Employees

By creating a corporate rewards program, you can demonstrate your appreciation to your employees. A happy employee works harder for you. This can improve employee retention and boost morale within your team.

At Stevie, we provide rewards that match the needs of your employees.

A Simple Thank You

Rewards don't have to be part of an incentive program. They can be as simple as saying, "Thank you," for going the extra mile.

At Stevie, your employees can save money repeatedly through our money-saving rewards.

enjoystevie are constantly adding new deals which makes your customer or employee's membership more valuable. 🔥

You can learn more about how Stevie could support your campaigns for customer acquisition and retention or employee engagement by filling out our contact form.

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