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We offer money-saving food & drink discounts to our members! Cinema tickets, experiences, gifts, online retail, and more!

Our Corporate Subscription Plans

10 - 500 memberships £5.99/Yearly 501 - 2,500 memberships £2.99/Yearly 2,501 + memberships £0.99/Yearly

Corporate / Employee Plan

Annual membership 🔥
  • £10 Turtle Bay gift card. No minimum spend
  • £50 gift-back from booking a holiday
  • Up to 40% off at 180+ cinemas
  • 50% off Pizza in addition to many more options
  • Hundreds of Nationwide Eat Out discounts
  • A wide variety of nationwide discounts
  • Everything is available up to 7 days a week
  • Personal dine out digital membership card in-app
  • We constantly add discounts from great brands

👉🏼 The more discounts we add, the more valuable your membership becomes 🎉

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The Customer 👇

Engage Existing Customers

It is always better to win customers over and create a desire for your products before rushing to get their money. Businesses cannot function without their customers, so adding something extra to their experience throughout the year is a good idea.

We provide our customers with exclusive discounts at Stevie, and we're not referring to Argos or Amazon vouchers. Our customers are able to save money on great brands that they can use over and over.

Improve Retention Rates

Providing a memorable customer experience will increase customer loyalty. This encourages repeat business and helps strengthen customer relationships. Rewards make renewal more appealing and can tie the customer to your brand for longer periods of time.

With Stevie, you will always be on the lookout for new discounts that are exclusive to you, keeping your customer on their toes for more.

Improve Customer Acquisition

For any company to be successful, acquiring new customers is essential. Growth will not take place without it. The ability to attract and convert new customers is crucial to the health of any business.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Stevie! We run our business on kindness, our customer service is superb, and our marketing attracts quality clients who spend.


When you partner with Stevie, you will be able to reach a wider audience continuously. Your corporate brand will be included in various marketing approaches, including email marketing and web pages, to ensure your company remains relevant online.


The Employee 👇

Value Your Employees

By creating a corporate rewards program, you can show your employees how much you appreciate them. An engaged employee is more productive. This can increase retention and boost morale within your organisation.

At Stevie, we offer rewards that are tailored to the needs of your employees.

A Simple Thank You

Reward incentives do not have to be part of an incentive program. They can be as simple as saying, "Thank you," for going the extra mile.

We offer money-saving rewards to your employees at Stevie so they can save money repeatedly.

enjoystevie is constantly adding new deals which makes your customer or employee's membership more
valuable. 🔥

Please fill out our contact form to find out how Stevie can support your customer acquisition and retention campaigns or employee engagement efforts.

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