Unhinged A great way to kickstart cinemas reopening

Posted by on August 11, 2020


Derrick Borte's film keeps you on the edge of your seat, intense, pulse-pounding, a complete brutal road rage. Russell Crowe rampages back onto our screens in this extreme thriller. Crowe keeps you guessing with his terrifying performance. An enjoyable watch. 

Reviewed by Team Stevie (5/5)

As our ODEON cinema partner begins to open 110 of their venues in the next 2 weeks, this would be a great film to feast your eyes into. ODEON seems to of gone all out on making your visit as comfortable as possible and not only that, through Stevie, you can watch this pulse-pounding movie absolutely free.

'Unhinged' is a frightful action movie, the type where you miss your mouth with popcorn, all eyes on what happens next... edge of your seat s**t.


Caren Pistorius who plays an excellent performance as Rachel Hunter a young mum who Pisses Tom Cooper off (Crowe) to the point of not giving 2 F@*%s to what he will do next. An error she'd wish she'd never made. Cooper demanding an apology that she chose to ignore.

Never mess with a man that's having a bad day. Road rage to the extreme.

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