The South Triumphs in Battle of the UK’s Thriftiest Cities Says Enjoy Stevie

Posted by on September 7, 2020

After gathering Google search term data from 2019 and 2020, restaurant discount app, Enjoy Stevie, discovers which cities are the keenest to bag a bargain in the UK. After analysing the findings, the results are in - the South is thriftier than the North!  

The North and the South have come up against one another time and time again, showing an ever-lasting competitive spirit. But, in terms of seeking out discounts, Southerners are officially more spend-savvy. Out of all of the regions analysed, London came out on top, with the highest rates of thrift-themed search queries per capita collated with data from GlobalWedIndex. Scotland lagged behind at the bottom of the list, showing that the majority of Scots aren’t often on the lookout to scoop up a deal. 

The Daily Star and The Mirror liked the study so much they used it in their national printed publications... just to note, using their own words... (rolling eyes).

Daily Star and enjoy stevie

To find out which location would top the thrift chart, Enjoy Stevie took a look at what the UK’s population was searching for in different regions. They analysed the Google search terms for “deals”, “discount codes”, “eating out vouchers”, “savings”, and “vouchers” and found out which regions were the most enthusiastic about snapping up a deal. Next, they collated these findings with data from GlobalWebIndex to create a thrift points system in which 80 was the highest possible score.

An Enjoy Stevie spokes person said...

“At Enjoy Stevie, we serve up restaurant deals up and down the country. Operating on this scale got us hotly debating which region we thought was the thriftiest! With the post-lockdown government initiatives, there’s no time like the present to snap up a food and drink deal, so we thought it’d be the ideal time to do a little research about who was searching for what. What we found surprised us - we didn’t think the North/South divide would be so dramatic!”

The Mirror and enjoy stevie

After London, which won the thrift-off hands down, the Midlands and Northern Ireland were both close runners up on 33 points each. Wales and the South East both squeezed into the top five with 30 points each.

At the other end of the scale, it appeared that people in Scotland, the South West, the North East, and Yorkshire were least likely to be searching for money-saving deals. 


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