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Salotto 31 Ambassador Review

Posted by on October 29, 2019

"An unforgettable blend of indulgent flavours and Italian machismo: a Venetian escape in the City of London" ★★★★☆

Located a short walk from Monument station, Salotto 31 immediately strikes you with a distinct air of primacy as you walk through the door. From the radiating grandeur of the charming Italian staff to the rows of bottles gleaming in the well-stocked bar, there's not a shred of insecurity to be found anywhere in this Venetian establishment. 

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The first course presents itself with this very same superiority. The simply delivered Burrata Caprese (£9.90) lets the quality of the ingredients do the talking, with sweet tomatoes and the sharpness of Balsamic vinegar cutting through the smooth and delightful texture of the Burrata. The Baby Octopus in Serenissima Sauce (£7.90) is beyond dreamy, with a hearty sauce lifting the well-cooked octopus into a savoury heaven. 

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As you take your first bite into the Truffle, Ricotta and Mushroom Tortelli (£14.90) – with a generous helping of Porcini Foam on your fork – the grandeur and confidence starts to make complete sense. The homemade Tortelli are perfect, with the divine creamy mushroom sauce melting in your mouth. The Slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder (£16.90) is as tender as it is juicy, with a well-rendered crispy fat giving it a well-placed crunch.

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The desserts were a fitting finale with their velvety chocolate, and the Tiramisu (£9.00) is a standout classic, worth trying for any sweet-toothed aficionado.   

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The prices are more than reasonable for this part of town, with the quality of ingredients and food justifying any cost, especially with the incredible offer of two-for-one main courses in the evenings, with the Stevie App. The vegan and vegetarian dishes may be few and far between, but that's not out of the ordinary considering this is an authentic Italian establishment. 

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Whereas the tables on the ground floor are decorated with a simple and modern aesthetic, the first floor has more of a luxurious feel, with a wine collection worth perusing (see if you can get seated on the floor above, for an ultimate authentic feel). 

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All in all, Salotto 31 offers an unforgettable blend of indulgent flavours and Italian machismo, with charming service and excellent wine. Definitely worth treating yourself with if you find yourself in this part of town! 


Dani is a 25-year-old foodie from North London, who works at a tech startup what3words. He's engaged, he's great at eating and unfortunately not so great at writing bios.


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