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Posted by on June 27, 2020

It's, of course, great news that many restaurants are reopening from the 4th July but this will not be easy with so many rules and regulations. Will customers get their quick fix? As it's been a long time coming then realise it is not what it's cracked up to be. I'm sure restaurants are set to make the smoothest experience possible under these circumstances and gearing up the best they can but do so many rules put people off? We have learned so much by cooking at home, making dishes we never thought we'd make and saving money along the way. The home life hasn't been all bad but getting socially active outside your home will always be needed, creating memories, taking Instagram worthy pics and setting your self free from your everyday life... we all need to let our hair down and get socially connected... so this is where the hospitality industry comes in. A real focus is on helping brick-and-mortar businesses stay afloat, it's our responsibility, as to how can we make these type of memories without them.

We recently had some interesting feedback from some of our restaurant partners, many happy to run discounts to get as many covers done as possible and other restaurants freezing any previous promotions/discounts they had running due to having the same overheads but fewer covers, which means less turnover.

Soon as restaurants reopen, it's going to be the fittest survive. Covers equal revenue, it's a numbers game, as crappy as it sounds. To standout restaurants need to market, letting as many people know as possible that they are there with open arms, making the potential customer feel comfortable about the rules in place, and not forgetting enticing them with great dishes at decent prices, we need to take into account that It's not just the restaurants that have been hit, it's also the customer's pocket with receiving less income or worst still, those who have lost their jobs.

I'm going to be biased here but if you do run a restaurant and have low marketing funds, you should put your business on as many effective booking or discount platforms as possible, even if it is just for the next couple of months to hook in as many customers as you can, service them well, and try and repeat business, it's tough as people are currently more price loyal than brand loyal which shows in higher discount related search terms on google since the start of 2020. Connect with that customer as much as you can, take their email, their Instagram and sending them relevant content, always keeping in touch. There is, of course, a fine balance of pissing people off but you cannot win everyone over.

Good luck,

Founder, Stevie Ross


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