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Stuck in a national lockdown again? Can’t think of ways to spend time? Are anxiety and fear of separation daunting you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve carefully curated the best possible ways to spend quality time whilst keeping your mental and physical health in check...

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  1. Appreciating the small things in life

Going through another lockdown can put so much pressure on oneself. To start off, appreciating the things we have and feeling grateful is absolutely necessary. Make it a point not to complain about the scenario, but focus on what you have. Another great way to get you going is by making sure you talk to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. This would not only reconnect you with the person but also establish a strong bond. Having someone to talk would further help in sharing thoughts to clear the mind.

2. Staying fit

The lockdown often makes us lazy and leads to avoiding workout. But the key to kill time while staying in shape from binge eating is to workout every day. For starters, you can begin with yoga, animal flow workouts or also low intensity aerobics or full body workout videos on Youtube but the most significant way is going out for a run and get some fresh air, this not only helps in staying active but also allows you to step outdoors and enjoy the nature, whilst opening your mind.

3. Focusing on mental health

It is quite common to disregard mental health as a priority but we need to start giving equal importance to mental health. Self isolation takes a toll on the mental well-being. In order to overcome this, daily meditation, getting adequate vitamin D by receiving natural sunlight, saying daily positive affirmations are few ways to curb mental illness. Having a gratitude list might be of great help. Always remember - “You’re not in this alone, there are people to help you”

4. Learning

Lockdown is a great opportunity to learn new skills. This can be adding value to your career or discovering a new hobby. It's never too late to learn something. “Learning is a never ending process”, this lockdown provides us the time to learn something we’ve always been dreaming of. There are a number of online courses on a vast range of topics on the internet. So choose the right course and get going!

5. Planning for the future

Planning during this uncertain time might cause anxiety and confusion but having realistic expectations for the future is valuable. For example, planning for the upcoming festivities like Christmas and New Years can be exciting. Preparing a shopping list, budgets and decor for the home along with family is a fun activity. Furthermore, we can also plan resolutions for the 2021 and aim to execute them.

6. Cooking

Another way to kill time is by cooking your own fresh food. This not only takes effort and time but also gives the satisfaction of cooking your own meal, it feels good completing something from start to finish. Sometimes, it’s difficult to source all the ingredients for the recipe. ‘HelloFresh’ comes to rescue by providing the right measurement of ingredients to make your perfect dish. When it gets too hectic to cook, you can always order in your food straight to your door. Eating your favourite Pizza Hut Delivery Pizza and having a virtual movie/games night with friends is the best way to spend weekends during lockdown.

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