Grab a bonus to help you start investing!

Posted by on December 13, 2022

With Christmas just around the corner, your mind might not be on long-term financial planning. It always pays to look ahead, though, and there are deals out there to help you get started with investing. 🚀

The important thing to remember with financial markets is that having the perfect portfolio only takes you some of the way. 📝

The most important weapon in any investor's arsenal is time. The sooner you get started, the better a chance you’ll have of generating returns over the long term. The magic of compound interest means timing is largely irrelevant; the best time to invest is always right now. 💷

To give you a headstart, InvestEngine is offering a £25 welcome bonus when you begin investing. This offer expires on December 12th, however, so you need to act quickly to grab your investment uplift. 🥳

With InvestEngine, you’ve got the option of building a diversified, cost-effective ETF portfolio in just a few clicks, with over 500 funds to choose from and no fees on top of the intrinsic ETF costs. Alternatively, for additional peace of mind, they’ll manage your portfolio for you for as little as 0.25% a year. 🎉

Accounts come replete with quality-of-life improvements like automatic investing and single-click rebalancing - there’s no premium structure, and you’ll have access to everything right away. 👍

So, before the festive period truly gets underway, why not take the time to put your money to work and build an investment portfolio that’ll stand the test of time? 🎅

👉 T&Cs apply. With investing, your capital is at risk.



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4 responses to “Grab a bonus to help you start investing!”

  1. Patrick says:

    Already done this, this year! My first investment so found it a safe bet.

  2. Dan Shepherd says:

    Will check this out.

  3. Justin K says:

    Invested in so many things that haven’t worked but will look into this

  4. Dan says:

    Sounds good 👍🏼

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