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Good Belly Pizza @ The Railway Tavern Ambassador Review

Posted by on November 5, 2019

"The saucy new kids on the pizza block; all the taste, none of the animal."★★★★★

Good Belly Pizza @ The Railway Tavern literally does what it says on the box. Happy tummies all round.


Nestled in the heart of Dalston, The Railway Tavern is a proper local pub, but without the cig stained furniture, grumpy bar staff and dingy lights that traditional UK pub culture can be associated with. A slightly younger crowd, kitsch tube patterned furnishings and a big warm welcome.


The pub itself caters to a range of tastes with a strong draught selection and even quality alcohol-free options for the partied out among us. Using the Stevie App, you can actually get a free bottle of house wine when you spend £29 or more, 4 nights a week! A strong crowd of regulars and super cute dogs made me wish I lived within walking distance, despite the danger that might bring to my finances.


Now onto the food - the kitchen is run by a new brand (2 months old fledgling), Good Belly Pizza. The premise is ‘F*cking great pizza, which just happens to be vegan’ and that’s something I can definitely get behind. Run by three friends, the menu delivers current foodie trends like buffalo cauliflower, truffle mac n cheese and kimchi without being try hard. It took some time to choose from the selection of 9 but eventually we plumped for;

Truffle Mac, Not Crack (Tomato sauce, Cheese, Truffle Mac n Cheese, Thyme & Parmesan Crumb, Drizzle of truffle oil, Fresh chives).


9/10 - Carbs on carbs, it tasted how I imagine heaven might taste - pure sticky indulgence. I personally could have gone for even more truffle oil but I’m a self-confessed truffle fiend so allow me please. The combinations of cheese were outstanding, even more so knowing they were all dairy free. 


Buffalo Soldier

(Tomato sauce, Cheese, Buffalo cauliflower, Almond ricotta, House ranch drizzle, Fresh chives)

9/10 The buffalo flavour is one of my favourite American imports and nowadays there are a myriad of vegan alternatives to the well know buffalo wing format. Although I’d never had cauliflower on a pizza before it was a very welcome addition. House ranch sauce as well gave it that saucy tang so it didn’t feel too heavy.


Garlic sticks (Salted dough breadsticks with garlic & herb oil) + Kimchi Mayo


Garlic sticks are just garlic sticks, right? WRONG. Not at Good Belly Pizza - these actually blew me away. So simple yet so satisfying. All shapes and sizes, as if it was wonky veg and well covered in salty garlicky oil. Potentially my favourite mayo ever, and believe me I am quite the connoisseur; I could honestly have drowned in it and been happy with my final breath. Spicy, tangy and creamy I will be back for a vat of it.


The quality of the dough in general across the board was perfect for me, crispy but not too thin and soft but managed to hold the weight of all the delicious ingredients.

We had a little left over so the lovely crew boxed it up for me and I can confirm it was just as good (if not better) munched after stumbling back in at 3am.

Double thumbs up and a high five for the new kids on the pizza block.



Saskia is a vegan munch obsessed ethical marketer, managing a deep and dangerous relationship with hot sauce. She loves long walks at the fezzy, bubble baths and up-cycling literally everything!


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