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Posted by on December 23, 2020

The much-awaited time of the year has finally come! What a year, 2020 has been. This year has undeniably been a rollercoaster ride from stockpiling to binge eating. However, 2020 has definitely flown by and how can we let go off this holiday season? It is now time to decorate the Christmas trees and plan our New Year’s Eve celebrations to celebrate the end of 2020 and to embrace a new start, here are few ways to kick start this season,  

1. Shopping  

Treating yourself in this crazy year filled with uncertainties is a great idea to begin prepping for the festive season. A quick run to your nearby local stores for your shopping needs or a safer option - online shopping. We can always shop without ripping our pockets by making use of the best deals available in the market.  Looking for new a new style? Find your fashion with Stevie

2. Gifting loved ones  

The festive season is all about sharing joy with friends and family. As a token of love for your close ones who stayed with you throughout this uncertain year, you could gift them something special this festive season, It doesn't have to be expensive but for the heart. This would not only make them feel happy but also give you immense joy! A few gifting ideas would be gifting them a restaurant coupons from a local restaurant or tickets to a new movie release, things we haven't been able to do.

3. Going out for a meal  

Back to back rules and lockdown has contained us from stepping out for a fancy meal. During this holiday, you can plan a fancy lunch or dinner with your family and friends. This is a great way to not only meet your closed ones but also a distraction from this stressful plight. A well-fed tummy = a happy heart!!! The Christmas markets would be a great option to savour various different cuisines and give your taste buds a treat, after all, the best conversation is over dinner!

4. Planning a fun day out  

A weekend getaway or a one day picnic could be refreshing during this festive season. A long drive with loud music and endless laughter with your folks can really set you on the festive mood. With Christmas fast approaching, all the cities are lit up by themed Christmas markets that are fun-filled with beautiful decors, thrilling rides, exciting items and delightful food. A drive to your preferred city to spend a cheerful evening in a Christmas market could be delightful. 

5. Movie break  

Due to the pandemic outbreak, it has been months since most of us have gone to the movies. Now that some cinemas have reopened and the most awaited movies will start to hit the screens. Our top picks for this season would be, of course, Wonder Women 1984 and how can we not miss Christmas classics, Home Alone and Elf.  

6. Planning for 2021  

After having recovered from a year of uncertainty and disappointment, now it is time to plan for the upcoming year to capitalise on all the available opportunities. It is time to make up for all the lost opportunities as it is going to get more competitive once everything is back to normal. A few tips such as having short-term/long-term goals, making new year resolutions, prioritising your health, always having a backup plan and most importantly going with the flow.  

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