Enjoy Stevie, exclusively launches a BOGOF promotion with Papa John’s.

Posted by on March 4, 2021

Newly released platform Enjoy Stevie seems to be creeping through the discount scene, what once was just a restaurant platform before lockdown to now supporting a wide range of nationwide brands, from cheaper experiences to getaways, cinemas to retail and eating at home with the heavyweights of the pizza world, Pizza Hut Delivery and newly joined Papa John’s with a buy one get one free pizza promotion when using Stevie Monday to Thursdays, across their 423 UK locations.

Stevie is also gearing up to help the restaurant industry with its reopening, a spokesperson from Enjoy Stevie says, ”The Eat Out To Help Out scheme was so successful in 2020 with 64 million vouchers used over a 4-week period, which demonstrates the power of offering discounts and also proves people are willing to get out more if the price is right, which makes It a no brainer to support restaurants on their return.

It’s not easy for customers to part with their hard-earned cash these days, especially after a long stretch through lockdown you start to learn the value of money a little more, so if the EOTHO scheme is reintroduced after lockdown 3.0 for only a short period of time, numbers will naturally drop thereafter.

We’ve found with recent Enjoy Stevie stats that there is something about offering physical money off rather than a percentage off, a percentage off sometimes doesn’t feel real to some customers but money off does. After experiencing large footfall through our partner’s doors pre lockdown, we have proven that there is still a way to drive these customers through doors long after the EOTHO scheme is gone. To give you an idea, Stevie has linked up with one of the nation’s favourites, Turtle Bay on their return to offer customers an exclusive £10 free gift card. This type of promotion works effectively.”

Enjoy Stevie is also making its entrance into Europe with its first stop in Ireland this April and releasing in a handful of other countries in 2021 with a real focus on the hospitality sector.

Stevie could actually become your new best friend, ‘Take Stevie With You’, ‘Eat With Stevie’, ‘It’s Cheaper With Stevie’.. you get the gist.


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