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Posted by on January 29, 2021

Stevie is a UK based digital discount card that offers the latest deals, rewards and discounts on great food options for top-rated restaurants across the UK whilst serving up a variety of other discounts and not just food-related. 

London, UK, January 29, 2021

It’s become the norm to rely on discount platforms to bag a deal. I remember back in the day, it used to be a little embarrassing to mention your discount, especially when you’re on a date but now we seem to not care as much to what others think and isn’t it pretty cool to be smart with finances? With Stevie’s digital card we’ve made it as simple as possible, slick in some ways, no tapping away to produce your voucher code or pulling out your membership card like you work for the Television licensing people. Simply turn your mobile 90 degrees on your chosen restaurant profile at the time of your bill and your bright yellow, selfiefied digital card will appear… slick as a whistle.

Stevie offers access to up to 50% off across restaurants, Pizza Hut Delivery, cheaper deals on ODEON cinemas, perks, and find your fashion with Stevie with the latest retail discounts online.

Dining out is an opportunity for everyone to escape from their daily routine, especially after this dreadful lockdown, after all the best conversation is done over dinner… and a bottle of wine or 2. There is nothing like pushing great food down your kisser, a glass of merlot and of course with the best of company.

Stevie is also an opportunity for restaurant owners to uplift their reputation and supercharge their revenue by listing their restaurant with us, a great way to let the wonderful people of your area know that you are there, you are open and offering a happy discount to put your bum on seat… what better time to support your local restaurant after lockdown… right?

To make your life a little more simple when dining you can take a trip to the App Store or Play Store and have Stevie in your pocket, It’s cheaper with Stevie, take Stevie with you… you get the gist…

The brain behind the operation, our Kingpin Stevie Ross gives his words…

"We know most businesses go through hard times, especially now. With the Enjoy Stevie, our main focus, through this current crisis is to invite restaurant owners to list their business and unleash their full potential and minimizing future risks. We don't just list you, we work with you. We have a team of dedicated experts to help strategies your business, at no cost to you, ongoing''.

For more information about the company, visit them at https://www.enjoystevie.com/


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