Coronavirus story on the effects of local & large businesses

Posted by on March 16, 2020

Enjoy Stevie is one of the fastest-growing restaurant platforms in the UK. We offer food lovers exclusive discounts at our many restaurants, also helping both independent, small and larger chain restaurants to have customers they wouldn’t otherwise have. Our motto is ‘’Don’t order in tonight, eat out with Stevie’’, our focus is getting people into restaurants - in turn helping business owners cover the UK’s extortionate business rates and rental cost.

As a small tech startup that offers restaurant discounts, we have certainly faced the impact of the global pandemic, that is  Coronavirus COVID-19. A story that has been under the media scope, more so in the past few days and weeks. People are taking excessive action in protecting themselves with masks, gloves and overall apparels often worn by medical professionals. Some of our staff are coming in as if they travelled from Mars, wrapped up from head to toe. It feels like we have stepped into a movie. 

Like most of us, the main question we’re all asking is “when will it ever stop and how will this affect businesses?”. Undergoing this climate, businesses are affected by the turnover of customers, travelling to conferences/meetings, changing marketing strategies and maintaining a flow of attraction from customers. 

The bleak of the virus could potentially mean a shift in the operation of small and large businesses.

Through the week our sales team are finding that many restaurants are carrying on as normal, with a handful also mentioning they are not going to do any more marketing until this blows over. The real question is how long could they possibly be waiting? Other restaurant owners worry that if they don’t hit their numbers over the next few months, their restaurant could potentially face closure. How can you plan for something like this when running a business is so costly? 

With Spring soon approaching, like many people, we’re hoping this soon blows over and you’ll find yourselves at one of our restaurants enjoying a lovely discounted meal outside alongside the perfect cocktail to go with… Not even Coronavirus can stop us from #EatingOutWithStevie


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