Been eating too much at restaurants, and taking a toll on your skin? Here are 3 easy homemade beauty hacks you CANNOT miss out on!

Posted by on August 10, 2020

Trying to save money on skincare products? Having more choices on food takeaways or eating out too much since all the restaurants reopened, and taking a toll on your skin? Well, you have no need to worry!

You can happily continue to binge on food whilst maintaining a healthy glow. Using these easy DIY methods with ingredients that are just sitting in your kitchen.

1)Honey, Turmeric, Lemon and Yogurt Repairing Face Mask

Ever had a breakout a day before a night out? Well this is your cure and it NEVER disappoints. Recommended by many dermatologists.


  • ¼ Spoon of turmeric
  • a slight squeeze of fresh lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of honey


Mix all ingredients together until it becomes a paste. Apply in circular motions onto dry skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water

Apply twice a week in order to achieve maximum results.


Turmeric: is anti-inflammatory which is a magic cure for huge pimples that pop out of nowhere, as well as calming irritation and redness! It brightens the skin giving it a healthy glow. But, be careful too much of it can leave a yellow tint, so apply accordingly.

Yogurt & Honey: Highly benefit to eliminating acne as it contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Overall, leaving your skin perfect for your next date.

All ingredients drive collagen production which is an ESSENTIAL for anti-ageing, and a healthy glow!

 2)Avocado Hair Repair Mask

Have a date night coming up, and your hair is in an absolute dry state?

Bleached your hair one too many times? Or in need of a self-care treatment? Well, we have the perfect DIY treatment for you!

Avocados are unbelievably remarkable for maintaining a constant silky shine for your hair, as they hydrate and repair the bonds of your damaged hair. They contain a great amount of Vitamin B which allows your hair to grow back healthier.

Avocado also contains magnesium and potassium creating a protective barrier saving your hair from breaking, as well as introducing a smooth and shiny complex.

This mask is so simple to make…


1 Avocado

1 tablespoon of honey

3 table spoons of any oil (preferably coconut, olive or argan oil)


Mix all ingredients together. Easier to mix in a blender in order to achieve a smooth texture like a conditioner. Section your hair and apply focussing on dry areas, massage into your scalp. Leave in for an hour, and rinse out using your shampoo and conditioner and usual. Repeat once a week, and you will not be let down.           

3)Natural Brightening Toner for Your Face

Have you recently been suffering with dull, darker skin? You will NEED to try this method to brighten up your skin, and give you that summer glow.

This method purely consists of oranges that are full of Vitamin C as well as citric acid which can exfoliate the dead skin cells off from your skin.

Oranges also protect you against harmful factors such as sunlight and pollution, as they contain antioxidants.


1 fresh orange OR

fresh orange juice


On clean, dry skin, use a cotton pad (if using fresh orange juice) soaked in fresh orange juice. Apply in circular motions upon the face as if you would be using a toner. If using a fresh orange, slice it up. Then gently rub onto your skin. Rinse off after 5 minutes.

Crucial to get those vitamins inside your skin for that essential summer glow.

These homemade hacks help you save your money, so you can continue spending on eating out with EnjoyStevie!


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