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Posted by on October 9, 2020

Back to University? Spent too much on tuition fees? Looking to save while staying away from family? This global pandemic has brought the significance of financial security and the need to save. It is very easy to live a cosy life by being smart with money. Here are few ways to save up money at the same time enjoying the lavish uni life, 

Enjoy Stevie Saving Money

Creating Budgets/ Lists:

It is quite easy to get carried away when entering university and having control over our money. But creating a weekly/monthly budget helps us stay on track. Having constraints on cash would aid in managing our day to day finances for future/ emergency purposes like getting a new laptop or the latest iPhone. A similar way to save money as a student is to prepare a shopping list before grocery shopping. This allows you to know what exactly you want to buy rather than indulging in unplanned things which costs a lot. Adding to this, deciding on a weekly menu before grocery shopping would also save a lot of time and money while shopping. Keeping your mind organised.

‘We’ over ‘I’:

A great way to save money while staying at university is to spend as a group with your flatmates or friends. Getting groceries or household items such as mixers, coffee makers or kettles as a group rather than buying alone would help in saving money.  Additionally, cooking together along with friends or flatmates frequently brings down the cost of ingredients and helps in saving money. 

Indulging in Pre-Loved items:

One smart way to do shopping is buying pre-loved items from thrift stores or social media groups on the internet. Your university may also have a society where you can have access to these goods. Pre-loved items are a great way to save your wallet while not comprising on quality. It is also a sustainable alternative for environmental conscious buddies. If you’re too lucky, you can get a few items for free! :D. Another important point to be noted is that before buying new books for the term, always cross-check if the books are available at the uni library and if not, you can always bank on second-hand dealers... It's the same read after all. 

Smarter options: 

As a uni student, there are a number of decisions to be made every day. A great way to save your wallet is to deliberately make certain choices in day to day life. For example, taking your own hot drink/food to uni rather than buying from a uni cafe, visiting discounted retail giants rather than high-end supermarkets for grocery shopping, renting your own motorcycle would also save travel costs, pre-drinking with your friends at home before clubbing rather than getting drinks at bars, visiting local parks, trekking, picnics and having a campfire would be a great weekend getaway option. Cheap and cheerful!

Look for Student Discounts:

The biggest perk for students at university is access to discounts and reduced prices on all goods across the country. Most of the retail stores, fast food chains and local restaurants provide discounts to students. Make sure you always ask for discounts, DON’T HESITATE!! Another important thing to have in mind is to always carry a university student card to avail discounts. For travel-loving peeps, having a railcard would save up a ton while frequently travelling. 

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