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20 things my Mum doesn’t know about me!

Posted by on March 10, 2020

Team Stevie's Big Reveal!

With Mother's day just around the corner on 22nd of March, we asked Team Stevie to spill some classified content for them. Let’s face it, we wonder what her reaction would be if she REALLY knew what some of you were up to!


1. "My sex life." - Male, 26


2. "That I almost got arrested for urinating in public when I was on vacation in Spain." - Male, 29


3. "I never told my mom that I got fired from my recent job, she still thinks I work there." - Male, 22


4. "Never told her that I was with a man who was much older than me." - Female, 26


5. "My mum doesn't know that she's not always right whenever we argue. Never told my mum during an argument that she is not always right." - Male, 24


6. "Until this day, my Mum doesn't know I failed a couple of exams in college because I was out partying." - Male, 27


7. "That I think I am bisexual." - Female, 26


8. "I got back with my ex who wasn't very nice with me and my Mum knew." - Female, 24


9. "If only she knew that I snuck out of the house when I was 12 to go to a party." - Female, 22


10. "My Mum doesn't know that I am not a virgin." - Female, 25


11. "I never told my Mum that I ruined my sister's favourite toy when we were little. I threatened my sister that if she told our mom I would kick her in the leg." - Female, 20


12. "I skipped school several times when I was in school and instead of going there I went to the local shop and shoplifted candy with my friends. She'd kill me if she knew." - Male, 26


13. "That I crashed her car accidentally when I was intoxicated." - Male, 31 


14. "My last minute gifts that she thought I spent ages on." - Female, 26


15. "That I am scared I will turn out to be exactly like her and make the same mistakes that she did." - Female, 25


16. "How many people I have slept with." - Female, 23


17. "That I have done illegal drugs." - Male, 23 


18. "Nothing! I have nothing to hide from her and we have a very tight relationship. She knows about absolutely everything that goes on in my life." - Female, 24


19. "That I tried to take my own life a couple years ago. I wrote a suicide note and everything but did not go through with it because I couldn't do something that terrible to her." - Male, 35


20. "I took my Mum's liquor and replaced it with water." - Female, 23


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